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Vomae 7

[v7] is an organized unit dedicated as the first responder to arrive in a disaster zone, specializing in creating elite relationships amongst the community, urban fabric, and nature. This is First Aid Design Build, working with governments, and the people of disaster zone(s).


Phase I:

After the zone is somewhat secure and life safety is implemented by other medical relief teams, we assess the situation and calculate the amount of building damage to the existing architecture and infrastructure. We determine safe zones, usable building envelopes, and recyclable building components. In doing this we design a protective architecture for housing, first aid, food, community healing, etc.

In conjunction with the initial assessment we recruit the community and organize them per skill sets and assign them to rebuild areas. We are considered the "Green Berets of Architecture" because we go into communities and train them how to build systematically, utilizing community, local resources and indigenous materials within the area/site. This is not a typical construction process; each zone/site has different parameters of utilizing kinetic building systems that merge community with nature. 

Conceptual design begins immediate, and it is developed continuously as the situation unfolds. This information is documented in our overall master plan, that is coordinated amongst other relief agencies, and governments. This master plan is a living document illustrating the who, what, where, why and when from the present to the phased relief points [immediate, short/long term, and evolving future.


When [v7] is deployed to the zone we have immediate resources at hand:

First Aid Stations

Living Quarters

Mess Halls (food kiosks)

Community Shelters

Fabrication Facilities (for immediate builds making components specific to the need.

Other components will be imported as per the phasing requirements depicted in the overall living master plan.


Phase II:

Before the initial assessment is complete, the design + build component begins immediately to work in sequence with overall living master plan. 


For additional information please inquire to info@vomae7.com

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